The Spectrum Team

Carly Pascoe, M.A., LMHC

Carly Pascoe is the Founder of Spectrum Psychological Services. She enjoys working with children, teens, young adults, parents, families, and groups. In addition, Carly also acts as a consultant to various schools in the King County area. Her education and clinical training is focused on providing treatment and assessment services to children, adults, and families presenting with a diverse range of emotional, medical, and neuro-psychological difficulties. Furthermore, she has worked extensively with children on the autism spectrum for over 15 years. During this time, she has worked in both In and Outpatient settings with children and adults. Carly  also works with common childhood issues such as poor academic performance, depression, anxiety, ADHD, behavioral problems, and divorce. Carly utilizes both a Cognitive Behavioral and Family Systems approach in her clinical work. Her current research focus is on “how parents cope with having a child with autism”. During her free time, Carly enjoys spending time with her family and two dogs, hiking, cooking,  traveling, reading, playing video games, and other various nerdy activities.




Loki (A.K.A. Mr Wiggles) is a 5 year old German Boxer who joined Spectrum as a service/therapy dog in January of 2019. Loki has been a therapy dog for 5 years and has extensive experience in working with kids, teens, and young adults on the autism spectrum. In addition, he is gifted at helping children calm down when they are anxious or angry. Loki is Spectrum's greeter and truly enjoys welcoming people and sometimes giving them kisses to say hello. Loki recognizes that not everyone likes dogs and is happy to spend time in the back office during those occasions. Loki enjoys playing tug of war, chewing on squeaky toys, running, playing with plastic water bottles, and getting tennis balls stuck underneath couches. 

Adam Rivard Walter


Adam Rivard Walter is Spectrum's Clinic Manager. Adam is typically working behind the scenes tending to day-to-day operations and assisting where needed to make sure that Spectrum Psychological Services is running smoothly.  Adam has been working as a Clinic manager for over 8 years in the medical field. In his down time, Adam is often cooking, reading, learning anything nerdy and spending time with his two chihuahuas Nilly and Dolce.